Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Remembering March Break

Today "A" will come and join us for some March Break fun. He called on Monday, bored on his first day of Spring Break, and asked if he could come over for a couple of days. "Of course, anytime!", was my reply.

When I look back to March Break when I was a little girl, I remember fondly almost all of them. In the early years, my Mom would take us to Grandma's in Montréal. We would hang out with Grandma, feed the birds off her balcony, take trips on the Metro uptown for lunch at 7th floor Eaton's. And always, always we would get our spring wardrobe.

As my sister and I got older we started to take the Voyageur bus all by ourselves. We would have a packed lunch and sit in the front seat. We would get off the bus downtown at "Guy and Dorchester", which is now "Guy and René Levesque", where our Grandparents would meet us and we would head straight for the shops. We did other fun things, like watch the St.Patty's day Parade, go swimming at the Olympic pool, visit relatives that weren't really relatives (we didn't find out until many years later that they weren't really relatives) and to the occaisional musical or play. It was great. We looked forward to our trips to Montréal each and every year.

Then, we got older. It was no longer cool to go for the whole week, but we would get in our car and go for a weekend, sometimes bringing a girlfriend along, sneak into bars, shop for the cool, trendy clothes. Those are days I will never forget.

My Grandparents are gone now (my Step-Grandfather passed quite a few years before my Grandma), and had not lived in Montréal for quite a few years before that. I miss my excuses to get in the car and visit Grandma. I miss having a place to stay that was close to downtown, but filled with all things Grandma. I miss taking her out in the car and going to fun cafés for lunch, or a drive along the river. Those March Breaks were great, today I am missing March Break but, most of all I am missing Grandma.


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Oh Anna. I wish I remembered my grandparents like that. Sounds like a great time. BUT you know what you can make new Memories with J and A why don't yout ake them to Montreal and visit the biodome or some thing like that. It would be cool don't you think?

8:24 AM  
Blogger nancy said...

So very nice you have such great memories like those. Your kids will also have the same, they just may not recognize it till they are all "growed up" like you.

1:32 PM  
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