Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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3 things you wish for:
1. More Kids
2. More Kids
3. That my kids always think I'm cool.

3 things you would do to/for yourself if there was no one to judge you (or if you had the guts!):
1. Modelling
2. Singing
3. Driving cross country in a convertible (yes, in the summer, with sunscreen on my kids).

3 bad habits you have:
1. snacking in the afternoon
2. not covering my mouth when I yawn (how did I lose that simple form of being polite?)
3. leaving garbage in the car.

3 insecurities you feel:
1. That my nose is too big.
2. That people thing I am boring now that I am a Mom.
3. That I am fat.

3 talents/skills you wish you had:
1. That I was an athlete, naturally.
2. That I could draw, well, without effort.
3. That I could sing, and people would stop and listen

3 things you would do if you had more time:
1. Write a book.
2. Go to a heath Spa
3. Go back to school

3 things that bring you peace/relaxation:
1. Sitting on the beach.
2. Floating in water.
3. Basking in the sun.

3 things that spark your creativity:
1. Reading a magazine (Ok, truth, reading a Martha Stewart Magazine, sorry, it makes my creative juices flow).
2. Going to a craft store, like Michael's
3. Shopping with My Mom.

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Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...


I will do this today give me more time to work on my next serious blog. (HA!)

We are very similar Anna, it's scarey!

7:50 AM  

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