Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hubby returns

He is on his way home as we speak. And I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday. I still get kind of nauseous on the computer so I definately don't check in every day right now, but I guess I thought I had posted since then.

Thursday, first day without Hubby, was a long one as J decided to climb into bed with me at 3:30 while the snowplows were out clearing the streets from our mini-storm. He rolled over me until 5:00 when he announced it was time to get up. I made him stay put until 6:00 but it wasn't a restful sleep for sure.

My Mom stopped by on Thursday, ok, I invited her to stop by to help me tackle one of my To-Do's from my list. We started at 9:30am and finished at 2:00pm. We cleaned the Loft. It was item number 2 which actually was to finish setting up the proper office, except I couldn't do that until I cleaned it out. My Mom can't do one room at a time, so she tackled A's closet which was full of pretty much nothing. So together we got it all cleared out, cleaned out and ready to be an office once again. Hubby will die of shock for sure, that and the three bags of garbage and a bag of clothes that needs to go out.

J realized that we didn't make any Valentine's on Wednesday so I pulled out the craft supplies and we made a bunch of Valentine's to give to his cousins and Aunties.

Lego. Lego. And more Lego. I have made planes, boats, space ships, and have a huge headache from playing Lego. Or I should say from building with Lego. Why can't they make things that don't fall apart? You spend 2 hours making a ship and within minutes half of it has fallen apart. And if your kid is anything like mine he wants it fixed over and over and over again. Yikes. At least I got a reprieve yesterday when I hung out at my Mom's. My Dad, who has never owned Lego in his life, and has big hands not meant for Lego building, spent the afternoon playing Lego with J. Wow, that was a break for me.

Can't wait for Hubby. I need a nap and to run far, far away from the Lego!

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Blogger kate5kiwis said...

i remember when D17 was teent tiny and i would spend h-o-u-r-s building with lego etc...
*kate pulls hair out*
but it really paid off: he has spent h-o-u-r-s over the subsequent years patiently helping the brothers and the sister making their own creations!!!!!!
i know what you mean about needing so much sleep to grow a baby....
i used to count down the hours until naptime some days...

3:04 PM  
Anonymous kailani said...

I remember being pregnant and having to entertain my daughter . . . not fun for me! Hope you're feeling better soon. Just remember, the sicker you feel, the healthier the baby is.

11:29 PM  
Blogger kate5kiwis said...

hey chick
have you posted anything in the last five days??
no pressure, lol, it's just that blogger is giving me trouble reloading blog pages....

12:20 AM  

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