Sunday, June 24, 2007

Still a Girl!!

Yes indeed folks we got the confirmation that we are still indeed having a girl! I was more worried that J would be devistated at the baby being a boy than Hubby or I.

All in all the ultrasound went well. My placenta is no longer low-lying (very important for a home birth) and the baby was only measuring one week ahead. My belly on the exterior is measuring three weeks ahead so we (my Midwife and I) were worried that I was carrying a big baby, but she seems to be close to target and will most likely be the same size as J was when he was born (8lbs 5oz). And I didn't have an overly large amount of amniotic fluid, which was another concern. So all in all everything looked great. That's not to say that something might show up in the detailed report sent to my midwife, but for now I was breathing a bigger sigh of relief.

I will say that I am entering the tired zone and our week at the beach couldn't come sooner (this time next week I will be soaking in the sand and surf). Any later and I don't think I would be able to make the trip. As it is I do think that I will be slower than I previously thought. Vacuuming is now out (unless I want to start the labour, I may start vacuuming again in August) due to a pain on my side everytime I pull that sucker out. Cleaning bathrooms is out, due to not being able to bend over properly and clean the tubs and showers. Pretty much I am good for laundry and kitchen duty and that's it.

Hubby is working away on the new basement, A's room is almost done then a well deserved break will taken. All that matters is that A has a place to sleep the rest can be done a lot slower.

The new car is still a riot, I think this first tank of gas is a write off as Hubby insists on driving it every day (he drives like twice a week normally). We tested out the luggage in the trunk space and are ready to roll. I will say though that I am having a very difficult time changing from standard transmission to automatic. I have been driving a stick for 20 years (TWENTY YEARS!!!!!!) so I find myself pressing the phantom clutch and shifting into neutral a lot. The biggest test will come in the wintertime when I can no longer laugh at people spinning and sliding while I drive by in first gear, or when I can rock myself out of a snowbank with my clutch, those will be hard days and most likely I just won't go out.

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Blogger chichimama said...

Yeah! Take it easy, and enjoy the vacation! You deserve it!

8:02 AM  
Anonymous LVGurl said...

Oh, how your headline make me laugh out loud!! I was like that while pregnant with Makenna! My first words after she was born... "Is she still a girl?"

Not that I didn't want a boy, of course. But when you find out at 18 weeks, your heart is set, and the room is lavender...

It sounds like you're doing well and feeling healthy. What day in August are you due? Makenna was born August 6th.

11:32 AM  
Blogger BeachMama said...

lvgurl, due date is Aug 28th which is actually my FIL and his Mother's B-day, so either I go early or on the day to make a few people happy.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous kailani said...

I remember those tired moments. I had it throughout the pregnancy! Take it easy and get some rest and relaxation. Things will get crazy soon!

2:55 PM  
Blogger kate5kiwis said...

i had a dream last night that i was lovely and round and pregnant. and i really wanted a girl...
hope you *love* your beach holiday: it sounds perfect. and if it's too hot on the sand, you can just walk a few steps to the water.. perfect!!!!!
so glad your home birth is still on track too. i've had two of ours at home, it is definitely my preferred place to birth my bubbas.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous valerie said...

glad things are looking good, Anna. I had the same problem when we got our van - a small car with standard transmission is so much fun - the automatic feels so strange.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Chrissy121875 said...

Awwwwwwww!!! A girl! That is so sweet! :) Enjoy your time at the beach!

Thanks for that sweet comment you left on my blog! I really needed that :) I'll be back to check in for updates! Love your blog!

Is it okay if I link you to my faves?

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Emily said...

How exciting! The tired zone drags, but all the little girl energy will be wonderful!!

12:53 PM  
Blogger Karen MEG said...

A little girl - that's so exciting! All babies are special, but it will be so nice to have a girl as the littlest one. Boy, she'll probably be spoiled!
Enjoy your time at the beach! August 28 is a good day, BTW. My anniversary!

5:37 PM  

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