Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Don't know what else to say...

I have been trying to rack my brain today to think of something fun to write about. But, truth be told, I feel like Hurricane Katrina has pretty much taken over my mind. I have not watched CNN or CBC until about a half hour ago, but I thought I should check in. It is just too hard to watch all the devistation and destruction. My little guy just doesn't understand when Mommy is crying and I feel bad that he doesn't understand. He knows I am sad though and that too breaks my heart. My heart breaks for all the families who have lost so much. No homes, no food, no jobs, so many of them just don't know what to do. And really what do you do? I certainly don't know what I would do, but I know that I would want to be trying to do something. It must be just so hard. I pray for them all and hope that there will be an end soon to the water so they can at least try to start picking up the pieces.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Watering Flowers

I have been watering my Mother's flowers for the past week while she has been away on Vacation. She is hanging out at my favorite beach. Now hanging out for me and hanging out for my Mom are two entirely different things. Me = lounging on the beach, swimming, sunbathing, shopping, food. Mom = shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping. But we both love it equally.

So, back to watering flowers, I thought it would be annoying to spend the hour every day watering her flowers. But, it hasn't been! Yes, I am surprised. To water my garden, I just put on the sprinkler and let it go, but her garden has baskets, and pretty much runs around the perimeter of her yard. And she likes to hand water so she can see what is doing well and what isn't. This past week has been quite rewarding. My little guy has happily helped me shower the beautiful flowers, helped me deadhead and ran around my mothers back yard. As much as I love gardening, I just never really thought how tranquil it is to take the time to water, and enjoy it. So as I plan my new garden for next year, I hope I can remember this past week and plan it so I can spend some time each day caring and nurturing my new garden.

Friday, August 26, 2005

A Favorite Moment

Was thinking about this moment from our trip this summer, so I decided to share. This was taken at about 8:30am, long before everyone else gets up and heads down to the beach. We always like to go early in the morning. You get the best spot, the best view, nobody kicks sand in your face and by the time the beach gets too crowded it is time for lunch and a siesta. Oh yes, and it was already 105 degrees farenheit, 120 with the humidex, so we needed to cool off in the ocean already.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ahhhhh... high heels, how I miss you

I had a meeting the other day, one that I couldn't bring a toddler to. So, I figured what better excuse to crack out the heels? I used to wear them every single day, right up until I left on maternity leave. The feel of sliding my feet into my favorite slides with nicely polished toes and smooth soles was one of my favorite things of my day. Then, I became a Mom. Now I wear sensible shoes. Nice, but no heel. Sandals for summer, but again flat. I think I had forgotten how wonderful a good pair of dressy heels can make me feel. Yes, I felt wonderful. Aside from the not so manicured toes, I felt great. I felt 10lbs lighter and 2inches taller. Now, I have to wonder why I am not trying to incorporate my heels into my everyday life again. Would it really be that hard to get groceries with a toddler on my hip wearing 2 inch heels? Would schlepping the stroller out of the trunk in my heels look ridiculous? Really? You think so? Sadly, so do I. I should add that a girlfriend of mine has a 9 month old and she manages to get away with wearing heels and not looking ridiculous, but somehow I just don't feel it is right. She is a good three inches shorter than me though, so maybe that is why, I am already 5'10" so I tower at 6' in my wonderful shoes. Perhaps I can meet somewhere in between, with a low heel that flatters, but doesn't look silly. Now, I have to go shoe shopping, and get a manicure.

Oh a day at the spa, now that would be wonderful. I remember those regular appointments well. At least once a month, I would get a manicure or pedicure, sometimes a facial or a massage. Now, I am fortunate to go on my regular birthday spa day. I am glad I had that glimpse into my past the other day, it just reminded me that I really need to take some time for myself and get these feel to the spa before I have to cover them up for the winter again.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Choo, Choo...

... and so the Choo choo train saga continues. How is it possible that a two year old knows that a brown package taken from the mailbox is a box that contains a train? Really? We made our trek to the mailbox yesterday to see if Opa's birthday gift had arrived from Vancouver. Well it was there and the moment I opened the mailbox all I heard was "Choo choo train?" over and over and over, all the way back to the house. I of course, didn't know what it was and kept saying it was a bird on the stamp not a choo choo train.

So we get the parcel home and no sooner have I put the rest of the mail on the counter when paper is flying through the air and the words are getting jumbled. "Choo choo, Thomas, Choo choo, Train, Opa..." they continue until I realize that Opa has indeed sent a box that contains Thomas the Tank engine complete with a water tower, Thomas and a cargo car and Sir Topem Hat. Well, our train world is now complete. We have more than enough trains to satisfy any child for an afternoon or an evening. I truly never thought my child would love trains so much, but indeed it is true. We now have in total eight different types of train sets. Ranging from the very young to the regular old fashion layout for adults. The funniest thing now, is that my husband no longer loves trains!!

I will continue to try to ply my child with other stimuli just in case trains are a phase, but I fear that this will become a life long hobby and I will have to fold and enjoy the trains too. Oh the joys of toys!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Today was the Party!

I don't think I thought it through properly. Planning a small party for a two year old is way more work than I was bargaining for. This was the first time I had more than just family for a birthday, so I think the pressure was on to make sure that everyone could mix well. Truth be told it was just family plus two more couples and one adorable 9 month old. I think I spent most of the day getting ready. My mistake was not cleaning my house during the week, thinking it was just going to get dirty again. Please don't get me wrong, one of favorite things in the whole world is planning a party, but once in a while I forget to do some of the work ahead of time. All was ready in the end and a few late comers made for some char-grilled ribs, but we had plenty of burgers, sausages and chicken to go around.

Hit of the party was the "Fisher Price" GeoTrax received from a friend. The boys could not keep their hands off the trains. And of course in full "Fisher Price" fashion all the train cars were attached with twist ties. Poor kids kept saying "Choo, choo train, open" over and over and over again until at last it was open and set up on the floor. The fun lasted a good hour and GeoTrax is now a big hit here at our house. Will be looking forward to adding on a few additional pieces at Christmas time.

A little chocolate cake and sugar cookies ended the evening. Thank goodness even with the sugar the kids still went to bed. The end of another party. More to come as birthday season has just started here at our house and thankfully it takes us up until Christmas time.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Cold and rainy in the Capital

I figure because I am new to this, it would be ok to post twice in one day. Truth be told, it a cold, rainy miserable Friday here in the Capital. I really shouldn't complain because we have had one of the best weather summers in many years. It is just that I stopped a part time job I had and was hoping to enjoy the last tidbits of this beautiful summer, but as luck would have it, here I sit wrapped in a blanket wishing the pilot light on my fireplace was on so I could have that running. What happened? If I had continued my job would it have been a beautiful day? I may just have to make another trip South if this continues.

Yesterday was my Son's second birthday. On one hand I was so excited and happy that we had reached another milestone. But, that little part of me was sad that my baby is now a little boy. He is getting so grown up, more and more everyday he chatters on about his favorite toy or move or the trucks in the street. It feels like he is growing so fast that he will be a teenager before I know it and I will wonder where the time went. I am sure every parent goes through this turmoil, but I really don't want him to grow up so fast. Each and everyday is so great and they are all my favorite. Let's just hope he goes through the terrible two's all in one weekend or perhaps not at all.

Hopefully the weekend will bring better weather and a little bit of sunshine. I would love for my little boy to play in his new sandbox he got for his birthday!

Time to get this Blog on the road

After a few false starts I decided to get this show on the road. I am working on a 101 things about me list, but I am stuck at 50 so I won't be posting that for a bit. How sad that I can't think of 101 things about me?

I was first inspired by Danigirl over at Postcards from the Mothership. She is so creative and inspiring I don't think I could even come close to her Blog, but she did give me the courage to go for it. Another Blog inspiration came from Secret Agent Josephine. I never thought I would be truly inspired by somebody I didn't even know, but it has happened. I love reading her posts to see what new adventure she is heading out for. There must be some amount of pressure out there to blog about something everyday. I will have to see how it works for me, I can't always take the pressure from the outside.

I don't even know what I am going to blog about everyday, but hopefully actually having a blog and posting will inspire me to think, each and everyday. It may take a bit for me to post photos and stuff, but that will come in time.

Some of you may know me as "AnnaJ" unfortunately that handle was taken so I am now the new "BeachMama" , which I actually think is more appropriate as so many people call me that anyway! Feel free to comment or not, I only hope I can make this fun for you and me. Welcome to my world ... "...At the Beach"