Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday morning ramble

I have to ramble today. Mostly because I just can't top the U2 post yet.

As I woke up this early morning and let the dogs out, it took me a bit by surprise that indeed all the snow that was there is gone! Yep, it is warm and rainy, almost like a September morning instead of late November. It is a good thing I have been in a Christmas spirit mood since October, because otherwise, I would be breaking out the swim trunks.

Hopefully the evestrough guys will show up today or tomorrow. They promised the first week of November and then, the last week of November. I really want to get my lights up outside. My exterior doesn't feel as festive as my interior (which is only partially decorated).

Being in a new house for Christmas, I have been picking up little new things to add to my collection of Christmas ornaments and decorations. And so far, it has been kinda fun. I put out a few little things at a time so it feels like Christmas is creeping on us slowly.

I have finished about half of my shopping, ok, three quarters. And the last few things are just odds and ends. Now I have to wrap. Maybe this weekend.

Went to my first Christmas party of the season, it was great! Got to share with friends, and Hubby watched little "J" most of the time too, so I could chat it up with the girls. The food was great and the company even better, missed a few of the girls but, they were all there in spirit.

"J" is now taking a mini sulk, so my computer time seems to be done. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Concert to end all Concerts

It was GRAND. I don't know if I will ever experience another concert as good. I have no voice, my ears are ringing. And I have a phone message that will be saved over and over and over again. If I ever figure how to get the photos off my phone and into my computer you will get a look too.

And it was made even sweeter when just before leaving I found out that my friend I tried to get tickets for made it too! I could swear that I saw her down in general admission, so now it is my turn to say... I am sooooo jealous... and... could you hear me singing ;)

It was indeed a "Beautiful Day"

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Wising a very happy Thanksgiving to our neighbours and family to the south. I hope you all enjoy your festivities, and remember to take a few minutes to just sit back and relax.

I am Thankful for all my family and friends, both near and far. I am Thankful that I have two wonderful kids that love each other. I am Thankful for our Dogs that keep us company as well as keep us safe (not sure I would have said that yesterday ;) but today is a new day). I am Thankful for a warm place to sleep and dinner on the table. Today, I am Thankful.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Do you ever have days when you feel like you run from the moment you get up until the end of the day? Well, today is like that for me.

"J" so nicely was wide awake from 11:30pm until 2am, only to awake again at 5:45am for the day! So, since I got up at 5:45, to the tune of "Up Mummy, up Mummy..." until now (3:19pm) I have not sat down. I am the first to admit that I could use a day or two a week when I don't actually sit down, but when you haven't done that in many years then it is hard to get back into the swing of things. It started with coffee, breakfast, bath, groceries, new sewing client, lunch (ok I sat down for this) with a girlfriend, off to another client, back home, put groceries away, put "J" for a mini-nap.... that he is now up from... sigh... ahh.... my day just won't stop.

I guess it makes up for the days when I have nothing at all to do :)


So I wrote that little blurb for yesterday, while I was running. And apparently saved it instead of posted it. A bit fat raspberry to that one, as that is how my day seemed to go. In addition to all the running, I got a terrible kink in the back of my neck/shoulders that only got worse by sleep. So here I am ready to start another day of possible running and I am not quite up for the challenge. And yes, it is 5:30am and I have been up for 45 minutes already!! The Napless Wonder yesterday did not sleep in despite lack of sleep. Go figure ;)

Let's hope today is a little less running and a little more recuperating.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Santa is Coming to Town

This is definately the year of Santa. Not that it will be fully understood, but we will definately make the effort. "A" was shocked when I told him I never believed in Santa as a kid. We always knew what Santa represented and appreciated him, but we always knew there was no real Santa. I even have to admit that Santa has become more real to me as I have grown older than when I was a kid. Not that I think he flies around the world with toys, but the idea of Santa and the generosity that he gives. Although, if he really had a naughty or nice list, I do know there would be a lot more boys and girls out there that would be getting a lump of coal in their stockings.

Last week in the mall "J" was introduced to Santa, since it was the first meeting we decided to wait until this week to go sit on his lap and take a photo. Since the first introduction though, Santa has become a bit of a mystery. "J" is not sure what to make of him yet. A big guy who "Ho Ho Ho's". We are hoping to start the Santa comes if you are a good boy routine and carry it on into next year :).

This past weekend we took the boys to the Barrhaven Santa Clause Parade. Thanks to a little bit of snow, it felt very much like Christmas. We met my sister and her family there, so the cousins got to run down the toboggan hill, build snowmen and have snowball fights all while waiting for Santa to arrive. It was incredibly fun. The boys (even the oldest) waved at the floats, especially the firefighters, (who we get to see everyweek at the grocery store). Then came Santa! Well, sadly Santa was followed by another firetruck so he did not get the full attention that he deserved.

Next year, we may (weather permitting) head Downtown to the big parade! I can't wait already, but first we have to make it through our first visit with Santa at Bayshore :)

Friday, November 18, 2005

"It's A Beautiful Day"

Way back when the tickets went on sale. I tried and I tried. I spent hours hovering over the computer and had two phones going at the same time. As the website kept crashing, I took a last ditch effort and drove to the "Sports Experts" by the time I got there, there were only singles to be had. By the time I got to the desk the girl just laughed at me.

I felt terrible, as I was trying to get tickets for a friend as well. Which makes this just as hard. But, due to some friends of a friend having to attend to family business in Winnipeg, my dream has come true. Well, if you haven't guessed yet, then there is just plain something wrong with you (just kidding of course)! We are going to U2!!!!!!!

When they played Ottawa many years ago, I had to make a choice between a concert or a commitment to play at a concert. I played the cello, many moons ago and if I had gone to the concert, our Orchestra would have been down to one cello. It would have been very bad, needless to say, I got a very good mark. And I always thought I would see them again. I did have a ticket when they played Montreal in '87 or '88 (those years are a blur) but, my loser boyfriend gave/sold it to a friend. So, here I am at 35 more excited than I thought I would be to see a concert.

"U2" has always been my favorite band. John "Cougar" Mellencamp has been my favorite artist and I have seen him in concert (so far the best one I have attended). Bruce Springsteen was a runner up for many years and won the battle of second place after I saw him in concert while pregnant with "J". It was crazy as my vertigo had really taken over me, but it was a great concert and I felt like I was back in the '80's with the screaming chick with the big hair behind me. Now, I don't know if we will ever be able to top seeing "U2". I am afraid I might cry. I have been a faithful singer, oops, I meant follower since the '80's. I stayed tried and true, even when they were a little off in their path. When "J" would cry in the car as a baby, only U2 would calm him down and bring him peace (mostly the song "Grace" on the "All That You Can't Leave Behind" album). There was one trip with a girlfriend when both our kids were crying and both of us were almost there too. What did I do, yep you guessed it, put on a little "U2". They were asleep in minutes, it was great!

So here I sit at the crack of Dawn, excited as all can be, because I am realizing one of my Dreams. Silly eh?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

O Canada!

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Do you remember the days when "O Canada" was played in the cinemas before a movie?

Every (or almost every) morning from Monday to Friday, I get to hear our National anthem sung by "Giselle and Sticks" on TVO Kids. At 6am to start the day, they sing "O Canada". Sticks adds a little extra umph at the end, which is a hoot because at 6am I can't always sing along. It is great. My little guy is now learning our anthem and he doesn't even know it.

It has me thinking this morning though. Why is it that we don't hear it as often anymore? I truly think I only hear it at sporting events like Football and Hockey and on Canada Day. We used to sing it every morning at school, but I am not sure they even do that anymore. Has "O Canada" gone away with the Lord's Prayer? I am not actually sure how to get more of it in our lives other than singing it ourselves. It really had me thinking of all the times I heard it growing up, both in English and French. I guess this morning I really missed the patriotic side of me that used to hum it at school while doing work in class.

Here is a brief little summary of the history of our National anthem. If you want the full story you can go directly to the website and read all about it :).

"O Canada" was proclaimed Canada's national anthem on July 1, 1980, 100 years after it was first sung on June 24, 1880. The music was composed by Calixa Lavallée, a well-known composer; French lyrics to accompany the music were written by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier. The song gained steadily in popularity. Many English versions have appeared over the years. The version on which the official English lyrics are based was written in 1908 by Mr. Justice Robert Stanley Weir. The official English version includes changes recommended in 1968 by a Special Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Commons. The French lyrics remain unaltered.

Perhaps, I have you humming along with me now that you have read this?

Friday, November 11, 2005

Remembering Rememberance Day

When I was a young girl (oh so many years ago!). Rememberance Day was a Statutory Holiday. We used to stay home from school and all the stores were closed, my Dad would be home from work and we would watch the ceremonies on TV and remember all the lives that were given up so we could be here.

Then, when I was in grade 8, we had to go to school. The Government decided that Rememberance Day should no longer be a holiday as the kids were actually forgetting what it was all about. Instead we had Assemblies and celebrated in a way that was different.

Every year, I want to go Downtown to watch the ceremonies and this year I was going to go. But, "J" cries everytime he hears a bagpipe and gets very sad and overcome when he sees the soldiers on TV. So I decided it would be best not to go this year. After reading Nancy's story of her little guy, I just wanted to remember to say Thank You to all the men and women who gave up so much so we could all be here today.

Thank you

Thursday, November 10, 2005

A much better Day!

I just had to post that today was just so much better. And ironically we didn't even leave the house!

We played with Lego, over and over and over again. We talked to Aunties and Cousins near and far. We made chocolate chip cookies (of which only Mommy is apparently eating, and maybe Daddy now that he is home). We sang the alphabet song while cleaning the house. And all in all had a great day.

Hopefully my patience will stay put as I really, really enjoy being a patient person. If not, there are always chocolate chip cookies ;)

Patience, Patience, where are you?

I like to think of myself as a very patient person. I can wait and wait and wait. I can sit and do meaningless tasks, without complaint. I can listen to a child as the same question or say the same word over, and over, and over again. All my life I have felt like patience is one of my good qualities.

This week, I seem to have lost it. I am not sure where it went. I am not freaking out or pulling my hair out, but I feel like my patience is really being tested this past week. It is the little things, like my Husband asking the same question five times, but five different ways. Or little "J" wanting to play with Lego and put it away, twenty times a day. Even "A" has been testing me, following me around the house while I looked for graph paper the other day, instead of staying put.

Yesterday, when I felt like I was getting impatient I packed up "J" and the two furry family members and headed out for a brisk walk in the freezing wind chill. That seemed to do the trick. I was good for the rest of the day. Could that be it? Could it be the weather attributing to my impatience? With the bad weather comes less walking and more going places inside, perhaps I really need that brisk walk for my sanity? Wow, just writing about it brought revelation. I think I will try to do the same again today and see if it helps. It gets too dangerous to walk two giant dogs while pushing a stroller when the really bad weather kicks in, but until then there are always hats, mitts, blankets and warm coats :)

If anyone has any suggestions on how to not let your patience be tried, please be sure to share your info, it will be very welcome!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Not such a little boy anymore

This weekend was a big one for our eldest. "A" was taught to shave by his father.

At first it was serious business, but with "J" and I snapping photos and laughing, then he started into the giggles because it tickled his lip. We had a great time.

When everything was finished and his upper lip no longer looked dirty, he was quite happy that he did it. We will have to wait and see if he will need to shave twice a day like his father or if his oriental genes (from his mother) will kick in and he will only have to shave once a month.

You know what conversation we will be having soon ;)

Friday, November 04, 2005


After reading Danigirl's post about attending the Wiggles concert, I have to ask. Because my Husband and I simply don't get it. What exactly makes the kids go crazy about the Wiggles???

Just now, as I looked up the Wiggles website address, it automatically starts talking to you, my Son ran over and started saying "The Wiggles, The Wiggles". He has only seen the show maybe five times. But, he is mesmerized! How does this happen to these kids? What is the draw? It looks like a lot of shows we saw as kids, but somehow they capture the kids from the first time they see it and voila instant fan.

Whatever it is I sure wish I knew what that trick was, then hey, I would have a very fruitful business. Until it is figured out or until someone can explain to me what the draw is, I will just sit here and watch my Son dance and sing along.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Two little neices

Not sure if I mentioned before, but two of my three Sisters are pregnant. When I was pregnant they were too. "J" has two male cousins, one a week older and one seven months older. Well, yep you guessed it both of my Sisters are having girls! My oldest Sister already has a girl, so the guys still win, but they will definately be challenged. Now lets just hope I can live up to my Auntie duties as being around babies is sometimes hard for me. Will be working on it though :)

Now to start thinking Pink!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

We (I) got everything ready. Little paperbag lanterns looking like ghosts, a ghost on the street lamp and oodles of candy and chocolate. We figured we would have tonnes of kids compared to our old place as this one is more central to kids. Well, the last ones were getting the biggest handfuls of candy because I did not want it in my house. Yes, I did break the diet yesterday to splurge on some candy and chocolate. But, we are back on the wagon today feeling a little like being hit by a truck. It's amazing what too much sugar when you haven't had any does to you.

Being such a glorious evening we were all outside chatting with the neighbours and giving out candy. We did not dress up "J" as we felt he was too young, and I didn't grow up celebrating halloween so it isn't big on my list. I just told people he was dressed as a "skater boy", being he had his baggy jeans, skater sweatshirt and beany hat on. All of a sudden he walked up onto our porch and asked for chocolate, please. Then, he walked next door to their porch and asked for more chocolate, please. All the while loading up his pockets. So, I went inside and got him a little back and he walked back onto our porch and said "trick or treat" !!!! Holy Toledo! We were all shocked and laughing. He had figured out how to get more candy. So in good fun, we went to a few of the neighbours houses and he collected a little bag of loot (of which he is eating a sucker right now... bad mommy, bad mommy).

I did take some photos, will try to post some later. It was lots of fun, and we only have a teeny weeny bag of candy to deal with, thank goodness.