Thursday, November 29, 2007

How expensive is a bag of milk?

When you add in the car repairs from Hubby getting side swiped. Very, very expensive.

I could take the blame because I forgot to get milk today when I was out. But, actually going out these days is becoming so difficult that I am lucky to make it home at all. And no, it isn't only Apple. J too is now adding fuel to the fire of going out in the car. Even though Apple has been much much better she still has her moments. But, J, my faithful traveler never wants to go out anymore. Even though I have explained that it is Christmas and we are doing things for others, nope he does not want to go anywhere. Argh.

So, I forgot milk. Dinner was ready and Hubby got home. J ran to tell him we forgot milk so he decided to go. I actually pleaded for him not to go and I would go after supper. But, he really really wanted his milk with supper so off he went. The snow started coming down really hard and Hubby pulled out of the grocery store, thinking he had lots of room. Which he did, if the roads were dry. He fishtailed (this is not making me feel good about the new car/truck) and spun sideways, with nothing he could do the guy that was coming around the corner slid into him. Hit mostly the back passenger door, with a small ding in the drivers door and the back hubcap. Nice.

Hubby actually said it didn't make him feel good to not have control and that left me feeling less confident about our new purchase too. If he had been driving the actual car with the stick shift he could have braked and shifted his way out of the spin, but in this case, there was no shifting, just the locking of the brakes and the automatic switch into AWD. I guess I have more reasons not to go out in the snowy weather now.

Ahhh... off I go to pour a glass of milk.

edited to add: Yes, Hubby was not hurt it was just a minor accident. So minor none of the side airbags deployed. I am just thankful it is only a few irritating dings, but had to make light of the situation by posting about it. It took Hubby longer to get to the police station in the bad weather than it did to get the milk. They got there just in time though because the line up behind them was ridiculous. And I was also thankful that the guy that hit Hubby was a nice friendly guy. The two of them had a little too much in common, it is scary.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just a few more days until December

I hadn't realized how much the writing a post every day was sucking the life out of me. Not that I don't love writing every day, but forcing myself to write a post every day was a lot harder than I thought. It wasn't until I was sick and missed my post that I got my time back. And truthfuly we haven't been doing anything fun. Last week was pretty much getting better and the weekend was cleaning and painting. Yes, painting! I got Hubby to finish the paint job in the hallway he started last year. I didn't want to decorate for Christmas until it was done.

And speaking of done, I am almost finished my handmade Christmas presents. Another reason it was a good thing to not tie myself to the computer everyday. I actually got some stuff done when Apple went to bed. Of course, now I will have to spend a few hours catching up, but it was worth it.

With only a few more days left until December, I have a few things I need to check off my list. Holiday cards and cookies. I must get started on my cookies. Last year I baked for Hubby for his employees and apparently the request is in again. This year since I know I how many I will need, I won't be baking 400 cookies in one night to be packaged and brought to work the next day (I needed 800 cookies and I only had 400, the boxes were a lot bigger than I thought when I started). I also made sure that the treadmill was free and clear for me to use because baking means eating and I must be able to get a workout in when the cookies start, must, must, must.

I hope everyone has recovered from Thanksgiving and holiday shopping. I hope to dig out my camera today as Apple is 12 weeks old today!! Ack! Where did the last three months go???

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to our Southern Neighbours

Today I am thankful for the two blessings I have with me here at home. I am thankful for their smiles and their laughter. I am thankful for a healthy family and for Hubby who works hard to provide for us. I am thankful for my Parents and my Sisters and their families. And I am thankful for all of our extended families.
Today, when I usually serve Turkey for my Dad, I wish you all a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. May you all be surrounded by loved ones and family.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First Snow of the Year

Came so much earlier than last year. We made until Boxing Day last year, but this morning Hubby and I were blindsided by the snow. As of 6pm the forecast was for freezing rain, so when I got up for a 4am feeding I was shocked to see the snow. And lots of it.

Hubby took J to school letting him toss a few snowballs and slop through the snow. The teachers even let the kids play outside longer this morning. Hubby thought he was feeling well enough to go to work himself, until he stood at the bus stop for a few minutes. He returned home to bed for most of the day.

I was able to pick J up without Apple, which made his so happy that he was tossing snowballs the entire way home. He went from being forced outside in the snow last year to not being able to keep him in. He had a blast tossing snow at the dogs, who grew weary quickly of that game and ended up tossing the snow at Hubby through the window.The forecast is calling for another 10-20 cm tomorrow, should be another fun day.

Thanks for all your well wishes. We are doing much better today, although not up to par yet. And yes, to answer the question posed by Red Dirt Road, we have more than one bathroom. Not that I am bragging, but we have three in total, so I took one, he took one and Mom kept one clean for her and the kids. And yes, I am thankful for that fact too. Oh so much to be thankful for this day before Thanksgiving.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I did it, I flunked out. But, for good reason. Although I would have rather not. You see, yesterday both Hubby and I came down with the Norwalk Virus. The one where you hug the porcelain bowl for about 12 hours intermittently with getting your butt down fast. Yep, that one. Last time I had it I was pregnant with J.

Not having another person to take care of makes being sick very easy. Having two kids to take care of and both of us get sick with in minutes of each other (4am Sunday night) meant I had to put in an emergency call to Mom. And she came to the rescue. Thank goodness.

Not only did she take care of Apple and J, but she cleaned and did laundry while making sure Hubby and I had lots of fluid and whatever else we needed. It was the longest day, ever.

Having my Mom so close by and able to come and help out made me realize how fortunate I really am. I was sad for my older Sister in Regina yesterday, as she had been sick too, but did not have Mom around the corner to help out. There is no way I would have made it through yesterday without her.

Thanks Mom, again for coming to the rescue.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another Santa Parade?

But, with no photos today (this one is from yesterday). We headed out to the mall today. I know, I know you are asking, "what were you thinking?". Apparently I wasn't. Usually if you go to the mall first thing in the morning on a Sunday you miss all the crowds. But, not today.

The first shocking thing was that there was a huge line up to see Santa already and he wasn't even at the Village. Hubby and I did a few stores and headed up to one more on the third floor. There was a huge crowd of people at the entrance to the mall. Kids were everywhere, there were risers for them to sit and watch. We could barely get through. Finally, Hubby asked another Dad what was going on. He looked at us strangely and said, "Santa of course, there is a parade today".

We decided to wait and watch instead of trying to break through the crowds to get to the store. It was cute. There were clowns, elves (kids from a dance school) and mascots from sports teams. After waving to Santa we went on our way. Little did we know that Santa's Parade went around each of the three floors of the mall, singing and dancing.

By the time we stopped for lunch and headed out, Santa was just arriving at the Village. I could not believe it. There were parents that had been waiting for two hours with their kids all dressed up to get their photos with Santa. No wonder there are so many stories of kids crying and not wanting to have their photos taken. They are exhausted people! Just do what I do and get to the Mall first thing in the morning on a Tuesday. There is nobody there and you just walk up, chat with Santa and get your photo taken. Tada. We will be doing that another day.

On a good note we knocked off a couple of J's presents today, it was quick and painless and he was none the wiser.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Parade to Start the Season

Today was pretty much the perfect day for a Parade. We have a birthday party tonight so we won't be able to attend our local parade (Barrhaven Lions Parade), so we went to the next best thing. The parade in the next major subdivision (Kanata Parade). We could have braved the crowds and headed to the Downtown Ottawa Parade, but we wanted a happy time, not a frustrated time. As it was there were enough 'Jacks' in the parking lot taking too many spaces or parking crooked so that others left nasty notes on their windshield. But alas, twas not us, so let's forget about those guys.

We did leave a little later than we had wanted too so we were at the end of the parade route instead of the beginning. Being at the beginning is fun as all the people in the parade are still warm and all geared up. Being at the end means they can hardly move they are so cold and they are all Christmas'd out. Either way J had a wonderful time, Apple slept on and off througout and Hubby and I sang along and danced with the crowds (ok we swayed more than danced, but it was still moving).

The only thing missing from the Parade today was that I forgot to pack some hot chocolate. Otherwise it was perfect. The tooth fairy even made an appearance and handed out toothbrushes! And Santa was a Jolly Fella right up until they dropped him at the Mall to start taking photos with all the kids inside. He is going to be one busy guy today.

Thanks for waving for me Santa! We wish you a Merry start to the Holiday Season.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

New Hat and a New Game

I almost forgot to post tonight! Here is Apple in her new hat.

And here is a new game that J and J2 made up today at Grandma's. J was Green (they look yellow in this photo) and J2 was pink. They drew aliens and spaceships and were fighting each other. It was very cute.

And for once I didn't feel like J was being so organized and specific. If you look closely you will see that J2 lined up all his pink papers in the squares on the floor and J had his scattered all over the place. Ahhh....


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Little Hat

I completed my first hat. This is the cutest thing I have ever knit. And truthfully, only the third thing I have ever completed. I knit a sweater once, in the middle of summer, while on vacation. Not sure what I was thinking. Then I knit a scarf for J, around this time of year, when he was a baby. Now, a hat.

The littlest hat. The first of many. I can't wait to try it on Apple tomorrow. And start on my next round of little hats.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And he claims he can't spell

This is what I found on the fridge this morning..

I also found out yesterday, from one of the Mom's at J's school, that he can zip up his jacket. I told J to ask her for his help and she says, "J show your Mom how you can zip your own jacket." I laughed, as every single morning he goes on and on about not being able to zip up his jacket. He did it. Quick as can be. I was shocked. Apparently he learned how to do that in the first week of school.

So this morning J was almost in tears because I didn't believe him that he really didn't know how to put his socks on himself.

These are some of the fabrics I am working with.
And this was me in production mode on the weekend.
Everything is now cut out and ready for the machine. I did a mass cutting, now I will do mass putting it all together.

And one last piece of news is that we switched Apple's carseat to J's old one (I was using a friends that was a bit narrower than mine and for sure had passed the carseat crash tests last year. We couldn't find the info on ours.) and what do you know, we had two car rides that did not involve crying and screaming. I think the other one was just not comfortable. Will try it out again tomorrow just in case it was a fluke.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My newest piece of equipment

We caved in this Sunday and purchased a double stroller. We opted for the Baby Jogger Q model in red for one and one reason only. It was cheap or should I say inexpensive. We were going to wait until the Spring and try to get a Chariot. And I say try because new they are almost eight hundred dollars so we were going to try to get a used one. But to get a used double around here especially in the Chariot's is next to impossible.

Our purchase came after I took a trip to the store to have my everyday stroller looked at as the wheels weren't turning properly. And while I waited J was so tired he asked to sit in the stroller that was set up. I saw the Baby Jogger and told him to try that one out as I was curious if he would fit. And he did!

Our single jogger has done and is still doing us well for Apple but, Hubby took J for a run two weeks ago and it was apparently not so comfy for him anymore with his knees up at his chin. And I just couldn't take it anymore, not being able to pile the kids in the stroller in the afternoons (especially because we are again having wonderful weather) and take them and the dogs for a walk. There is no way I wanted to go for a walk with our two big dogs who could pull a sled, J walking and Apple yelling in the stroller. Not to mention, I want exercise, not a leisurely stroll.

Let's just call it Christmas coming early, double joggers aren't half price too often around here and if J really doesn't use it next summer we can sell it for what we paid or close to it considering the sale price.

Yeee Haw!

p.s. thanks for the tips, I am thinking about the guys some more and realized that both do have laptops so I may opt for sleeves for them too. Or I may try another suggestion. Will let you know what the final products are.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Ideas Please

In the spirit of my homemade Christmas I think I have everybody figured out except the boys (ok, Men).

Here is my list of stuff so far that I am making and hopefully my Sister's aren't lurking in the shadows. And if they are they just won't be as surprised as I would like. This is random and some is for the kids and some is for the adults.

  1. Aprons
  2. Fridge Magnets
  3. Laptop Sleeves (ok the kids don't have laptops so, there you go)
  4. Hats
I am stuck for the Guys. After all these years (it's been 8 that we have all been together) I am drawing blanks at what to get or do for the guys. It used to be so easy when they didn't have garages full of tools. Even more so that I am trying to make stuff homemade. If anybody has any wonderful ideas please pass them along. If not, I may have to make purchases for these guys.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

And Because

I am not busy enough already, I purchased this book. I was just going to put it on my wish list for Christmas, but Hubby said to just buy it now and stick it under the tree.

I fear listing all my Homemade Christmas projects on the off chance that one of my Sister's is lurking in the shadows. I do have three things on the go already, although I got a good chunk of one knocked off last night. And I made extras so I can post them up on Etsy. I haven't opened the shop yet, but after I got home and realized I bought way too much fabric, I decided I could make a few extra and put them up there. I have other things I have done for craft shows that could put up there too. It is time to clear out the closets and what better time than before Christmas?

So, in purchasing this book on knitting cute little baby hats, my hopes is to have at least one done for Apple to wear this winter. Possibly more, first things first, go and find all my knitting needles.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stuck on You Labels

I keep forgetting to plug my own little on the side thing that I sometimes do. And in the spirit of blogging on a Saturday, here is the short and skinny.

I am an agent for Stuck on You Labels. They are really cool little labels that you can stick on things that you don't want to get lost. Or if your kids attend a school like the one J attends where everything must be labeled, it works out so much easier and prettier if you have some on hand that are ready made.

They offer a wide variety of colours and icons to choose from. J has a surfer dude on all of his clothing labels and a hockey player on his labels for his 'stuff'. They also offer monogrammed sets, like school supplies. There are some pretty cool things that can make great stocking stuffers for kids, like the personalized note pads.

If you like to keep things organized for yourself, you can pick up some Christmas Jumbo Dots
or create your own Address Labels. They also offer Kitchen Labels, and labels specific to allergies. So much to choose from.

There you go. I will put a link in my sidebar for future reference. If you are interested at all, just click on the link and it will direct you to my page. If you live in the States don't be afraid by the Canadian page, at the bottom you can change your country by clicking on the "Click Here" button.

Sorry to make it short and sweet and photoless, but I am working on some Christmas presents and don't want to be distracted for too long.

And yes, we had an almost tvless day again today, very good, very very good.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Day with No TV

Today we did a little experiment. We had a day with no TV!

We haven't had one of those in a while and although J still plays when the TV is on, I really felt like we needed to have a day without it. Even for us big kids. It was great. I gave J my old camera and he snapped away.

We also set up the video camera on a tripod so J could recite his poem from school.

We visited J2, his cousin. They played and had their photos taken.

We went to the craft store and picked up some craft supplies. We built foam men with our supplies (photos on flickr). We practiced letters, or the letter J I should say. And J drew his first person.Phew. What a day. I can't believe what we did in one day and it wasn't even all that exciting. It was just a day without TV. I am going to have to do this more often. It is a bit challenging for me as when the TV is not on, J expects me to be at his beck and call. Then when Apple is calling he doesn't want me to leave what we are doing to tend to her. I think if we did this a little more often then there would be less expected of me.

Don't tell too many people but, I do have to say that I loved our day without TV. I used to always have it on for the company, but I can honestly say, at least for today, that I enjoyed not competing with the additional noise.


Flash Backs

Please excuse the poor quality of these photos, but I was finally able to move them from my cell phone to my computer thanks to my littlest Sister. And They are all taking me back, way back. Two years to be exact. This first photo is from the U2 concert November 25, 2005. What do you mean you can't see Bono? I waited so long to see them in concert that it was indeed the best concert ever.
This second photo is a sleeping J. Most likely one of the first times he fell asleep on his own at my Mom's house. He is cuddling my Sister's bear, all wrapped up in her blankets because I forgot his. That was the last time I did that.

This is J May 2006. Isn't he such a preppy boy? This year was the first year he would not wear a hat like that one (and yes his ears got burned from it as did his neck). We were at Costco and I cannot remember why I took a photo but his baby cousin is asleep in the bucket behind him.
And the whole reason I even thought of trying to unload these photos was to post one from our fabulous walk the other day. That is Apple in her puppy jacket her "Auntie" otherwise known as my Best Girlfriend bought for her. It is a little big, but oh so snuggly. It is complete with puppy ears and spots. I will take a proper photo another day. You can see the sunlight streaming through the trees, it was truly a wonderfully gorgeous day.

Otherwise, today was rather boring. I went to the dentist for a cleaning. My teeth hurt, nothing much else to report. Apple was woken up from her naps all day long, so here it is almost her bedtime and she has been asleep for two and a half hours. I guess I should go and wake her up. Oh there she is I can hear her now.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

D is for Down

A size that is. I don't think I could top this with any other post today. I just tried on my next size down jeans, the ones I could not do up last week. Not only can I do them up, but I am going to wear them today. Yes, there is still a muffin top going on, but with a jacket nobody but me will know it is there. Otherwise it will only be J and Apple to witness it. Must have been that walk yesterday.

Oh Happy Day!


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Nine Weeks

Today we hit our nine week mark. And I still can't believe it has only been nine weeks. At nine weeks pregnant I was feeling very ill and still nervous about losing another baby. And now here we are laughing and playing and having lots of fun.

J has also really changed towards Apple. He loves that he can make her laugh. He takes care of her (most of the time) in the back seat when she is really unhappy. And most of all he seems to have taken on the duty of the dogs. He lets them out, gets them treats and feeds them. I only hope this continues as he gets older and can start taking them for walks.
My girlfriend dropped this playmat off for Apple on Sunday. And as much as J did not like playmats, Apple loves them. She lay there for at least a half an hour on Sunday, another half an hour last night and she did it again tonight. It arrived at just the right moment in her development. She is starting to knock the dangling things in her playpen so this was like candy for her. Lots of danglies (not a word I am sure) to enjoy and play with . She is also trying to grab things lately so I am sure she will be grabbing onto them all in no time flat. Thanks Northern Mom just the right time for you to stop by.

Today was another gorgeous Fall day. Hubby had to go to the dentist this morning and I had to drive him. I was thinking I would cruise the stores in the little mall while he was being taken care of, not realizing that most stores opened at 9 or 10am. His appointment was at 8:30am. I sat in the car for a few minutes with a sleeping Apple wondering what on earth I was going to do. Duh. Go for a walk.

I could not believe that I sat there wondering what to do when there was this perfectly beautiful day waiting for us. I was only disappointed I did not have my camera with me. We took a path that led through the forest, where most of the leaves have dropped, once we reached the creek we turned around and headed back. I did take photos with my phone, but have no idea how to get them out and into the computer. If I do ever figure it out I will post them. Anyhow, a half hour later with flushed cheeks and feeling refreshed from the Fall sun and crisp air we picked up Hubby and dropped him off for work.

With the forecast of rain and possible snow tonight I was so thankful we took that walk. Not that we won't have the opportunity to do it again with beautiful days, it is just that our beautiful days will be a little whiter and different in nature.

With the forecast of snow, I am feeling itchy about Christmas. It will be here before I know it. Did I mention I am hosting Christmas Dinner this year? It is a first in our family. My Mom is the only one to ever make Christmas Dinner. Not that there is any pressure or anything.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

C is for Crafty Christmas

This is my work table. And it is a huge mess. I have so many projects on the go. You can see SAJ's Gumball Kitty just waiting to be finished. There is some material on the shelf for baby change pads that need to be put together. Some more material for a quilt and some for a blanket. Then there is my stack of books. Sad but true, most of them are about organizing. I am usually really good at organizing, but it seems to have been getting away from me since I got pregnant.

So where does C is for Crafty Christmas come into play you ask? I want to try to make this Christmas a home-made Christmas of sorts but, in order to get started I need to deal with the work table. It calls to me every day, you see my craft table is located in our loft which is on the second floor smack dab in between all the bedrooms. So every morning I see it and want to get to work, every time I go upstairs I want to get to work and every night at bedtime I say, "tomorrow". Well, here I sit typing instead of tackling the craft table.

Today, I made a schedule to get things done for Christmas. So whether I like it or not, I am going to have to put stuff away and organize that table. Or there will be no Christmas at my house. That and if it were organized I would be able to grab a few moments whenever I had them to get a little work done.

I think tomorrow just might be that day.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Montréal, Québec

Montreal is a beautiful and wonderful city. It is so bittersweet for me to go there as it is so exciting but I miss who is not there anymore.

Each of the last four Fall's a bunch of my girlfriends go away for a weekend together. I have not been able to go for a whole weekend yet but, this is the second time I was able to join for a Saturday night dinner. It is supposed to be a weekend away without kids but, I cannot leave Apple yet, so I brought the clan and left Apple with Hubby for the night. She did marvelously as did he. He is exausted this evening so he got to experience my day for five and a half hours, four and a half of which Apple slept and three of which J slept. Hmm... I guess I didn't leave him long enough.

So yes, these wonderful girlfriends of mine. We all know each other from a common thread, our kids. We all struggled to have our children and were brought together through the internet so we formed a playgroup. As our kids keep getting older and are in school it is harder to get together for playgroup or playdates, however us Mom's try to have a dinner once in a while and then the Fall getaway. It was a wonderful night to dress up, even if I was wearing maternity pants, and see the sights of Montréal. I miss visiting Montréal, something I used to do once or twice a month, if not more.

Both my parents were born and raised in Montréal. Verdun and Ville Émard respectively. They left in 1967 for Ottawa but, my grandparents remained. All through my childhood weekends were spent going back and forth to Montréal. March breaks were spent at Grandma's house and our clothing was often purchased from the more stylish French stores. Even when my parents moved to Manitoba for a few years and I was left holding the fort in Ottawa, I went every other weekend to visit Grandma. There was always a place for me to stay, we would go out for lunch or just hang out together. Oh how I miss those days.My paternal Grandmother passed away over thirty years ago now but my maternal Grandmother, whom I used to visit, finally had to move to Ottawa and live with Mom and Dad back in '97. She spent her last five years here in Ottawa, something she vowed never to do. And since she moved here going to Montréal has never been the same for me. It leaves me mising her so much yet remembering all the fun we had. As well as making me wish I had spent even more time with her. This particular visit was probobly the easiest one I have had in ten years. Maybe because I was bringing my own kids to see the sights or maybe because we didn't have time to drive through the old neighbourhoods and stop at my favourite corner stores for some penny candy.

Hubby and I did not even get to do what we wanted to do. Travelling with an 8 week old was a little more difficult that we remembered. Probobly because we didn't travel with J until he was much older. We left Ottawa a bit later than we meant to, Apple cried for half of the two hour drive, and when we got there Hubby was so hungry all we had time to do before I had to join my girlfriends was to stop and eat. This morning we had enough time to grab breakfast then coffee and for me to snap a few photos before we had to start home. A was here with his buddy and we had to get them to hockey later this afternoon. And yes, Apple cried half the way home. J was so good in the car and still is that we are a little taken aback with Apple crying. It has really only been the last couple of weeks, so I need to figure out what happened and how to get back to great travelling as I will not give up going out.

So I have posted a few photos from the weekend but not nearly as many as I had wanted to. But, it was truly a great field trip and hopefully we can go again in the Spring or Summer and see more of our favourite sights.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Field Trip

We are off on a field trip and don't know if there will be connectivity where we are. This may be my post for today, how lame eh?

Photos tomorrow!

Friday, November 02, 2007

A Much Better Morning

Apple was back to her usual sunny self this morning and thanks to my other new Apple I have no excuses for not posting a photo. The night went pretty well. She did not wake up until 12:30 the first time. And although I was terrified to hurt her when I picked her up I knew she was hungry. I did it as gently as possible but, when I heard her giggling at me in the darkness of her room, I knew she was doing alright. She slept until 7:30 this morning (as did I, hurray!) as J had a day off school.
J, who knows more about computers than his Grandparents, loves playing with photo booth thing. I could now make a self-portrait book for him with all the funky photos he has been taking.

For those of you who are newer to my blog I should explain my novel. Last October Chichimama mentioned the NaNoWriMo on her blog. I had always wanted to write a novel and earlier that summer I had started to research how to do it and had actually drawn up a few character sketches. Then I heard about NaNoWriMo and figured I needed something to get me through the month of November when I was doing my fertility drugs in preparation for IVF which resulted in Apple. So, I took the challenge. And finished.

I couldn't believe I had finished it as it was a huge undertaking for me 50,000 words in one month with J at home, etc. The novel is terrible, I will be the first to admit it, but I started to rewrite it last Spring. Well, pregnancy got in the way and I put it aside. While on vacation at our favourite beach last summer I was completely inspired once again. The one vacation we didn't bring our computer I had to buy a notebook and write by hand. The characters changed and developed while I sat on the porch every morning and drank my coffee. I have not finished the rewrite, but I think about my characters often and jot things down. When things do settle down around here again I hope to finish what I started so I could at least pass it around to be read.

This year I really wanted to try to pen (or type) another novel and make it a bit different than the last one but, I really and truly do not have the time. Or I guess I have the time, but I would have to ignore my need for physical fitness and that wouldn't be good for me at all. So instead I have chosen to come and write here everyday. Although I do try to anyway, I don't usually write on the weekends, so this will be a challenge in itself to make me write something fun every single day.

Tomorrow we are taking a field trip so hopefully there will be a more exciting post ahead.

edited to add:
A photo of my new haircut! I actually had time to dry it this morning.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

And the Winner Is...


I decided it would be much more beneficial to me if I just posted every day. Last year when I was writing my novel, that is all I did in the evenings. And since I just uncovered the treadmill and my weights from months of construction in the basement. I figure it would be in my best interest to keep trying to work out in the evenings.

Sad but true this counts as my post for today because my little Apple had her shots today and just fell asleep after a solid hour and a half of wailing. You know the kind where she turns dark shades of red and starts choking. Apparently I should have given her some more Tempra a little earlier as it had worn off and took a while to kick in again. I could be in for a very long night, so I am going to rest just in case.